The Rumah Desa Adventure is organized to explore the hidden paradise of Bali in the village. In this trip, the participants will get an extraordinary experience, get to know more about the traditional Balinese market, visit school,  architecture and loaded with good philosophies with which to create a harmonious balance of life.   Participants can immerse themselves in the daily life of the Balinese people, this may include interacting with locals, observing make offering, make traditional scrub (Boreh) as a preventive treatment. Introduce Balinese alphabets and write the participant's name with a sharp object on a Lotar leaf as a memory of the village house, coconut oil-making. Balinese cooking show to introduce spices and how to cook local food, trekking to the rice field to exploring the traditional Subak irrigation system, learning about the importance of water management in rice fields and its role in Balinese agriculture, ploughing with cows, rice planting processes allow participants to understand agricultural practices that are an integral part of Balinese culture
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